Good brands give benefits!

Our partners provide you with specially negotiated incentives and rewards for using their services. As simple as instant cash back when you pay them, or as sophisticated as specially designed rewards you can win every week.

Specially negotiated incentives and benefits.

Sponsored funds transfers

Our partners step in to make your funds transfers either free or at the lowest cost possible. 

Sponsored airtime discounts

Some of our partners get you discounts when you buy airtime via their loyalty platforms.

Instant LOANS that grow

Every time you use your incentive driven account, you are building a credit history that guarantees you access to loans.


Want to pay to one of our partners and don’t have cash right now, our partner banks will pay for you and you can reimburse later.¬†

Non-stop GIVEAWAYs

Every week, someone must win something. Imagine winning a plot of land? Yes, that’s possible

It's simple to get started

Verify your phone number

We’d generate a unique USSD string for you to dial to verify ownership of your phone.

Stay safe with your BVN

Your BVN will be verified to ensure that the phone number supplied is the same on your BVN.

Claim your benefits!

Our partners will assign your special account to hold all your future benefits  and in some cases deposit your instant first cash into it.

We are not alone.

SunTrust Bank

Got questions?

Chat with us on and we’d answer your questions around our products, services and partners.

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