Drive to own.
And More.

We are making it easier for financial institutions to support verified drivers on the Bolt platform in Nigeria.

You can select a vehicle of choice from accredited dealers, and with a minimal initial contribution, a personalized structure will be arranged for you so that you can pay as little as N35,000 weekly and then own the car after an agreed number of months.

And there are other benefits like fuel support, spouse support & more. 

Let’s grow together.

Financial services to help you grow

Special bank account

A free bank account that gives you discounts on transactions and access to loans when you need it. Builds up your credit profile quickly

Drive to own scheme

Pick a car of your choice from an accredited dealer and partner banks will pay. Then you can pay small small.

Maintenance schedule

We support drivers with credit for maintenance and change of parts from partnered workshops in your city.

Spouse & health support

Need some way to support your spouse’s business or a health emergency? There are benefits to sort those out

Non-stop GIVEAWAYs

Every week, someone must win something. Imagine winning a plot of land? Yes, that’s possible

It's simple to get started

Verify your phone number

We’d generate a unique USSD string for you to dial to verify ownership of your phone.

Stay safe with your BVN

Your BVN will be verified to ensure that the phone number supplied is the same on your BVN.

Your benefits are ready!

We’d open your account instantly. And then you can access the various benefits from within the app.

Drive to own scheme

Drive consistently on Bolt

When you complete rides regularly on Bolt, your performance in the last 60 days is used to evaluate your eligibility. You will receive an SMS informing you that you qualify.

Select a car of your choice

Visit any of the accredited dealers, select a vehicle of your choice. Then within the Benefits app, opt-in for drive-to-own and our agents will contact you.

Onboarding & KYC

Complete your biometric capture, provide your NIN and 2 guarantors. The partner banks will pay for the car and you can pay weekly. Maintain consistent performance on the Bolt platform to retain the car.

We are not alone.

SunTrust Bank

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