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A unique take on payments with “bank transfers”. When customers pay you with a transfer, we automatically reconcile and fulfil. Then reward them with instant cash back and other benefits into the same account. Enabling your business to earn revenues from banking services over time, while building customer loyalty.

Don’t just process payments, #EmbedTheBank

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We have combined several partnerships to create a platform that offers a unique take on payment collections that goes beyond a cheaper and faster payment experience. It will also empower your business to earn revenue from financial services over time, while building customer loyalty.

Build on the APIs from trusted partner banks and fintechs

The next stage in the evolution of payments

Assign special bank accounts to your customers. When you need to take payments from them, they can simply transfer to the same account and it would be swept into yours. And we auto-reconcile and fulfil for you. No more manual confirmations.

And then the benefits kick in!

We reward your customers with instant cashback into the same account. And then we create a banking experience (in your brand) around the account and present the negotiated deals like FREE transfers, a CREDIT line, ZERO-fee withdrawals, A gamification engine, etc to your customers as a loyalty reward for doing business with you consistently.

Don’t just process payments, embed the bank. And get benefits.

The benefits to you

Not only your customers get benefits, there are advantages to you as well that helps your business.

  • Better success rates in payments vs cards
  • Instant settlement. The money lands in your account instantly.
  • Auto-reconciliation of transactions. Cutting out lost time.
  • A cheaper, faster and simplified way to receive payments.
  • Fits with what your customers are already doing. Transfers.
  • Embedded banking that serves as a loyalty programme to retain your customers. 
Benefits to your customers:
  • Fits better with the current behaviour of using their own bank’s Apps or USSD
  • Smoother and less complex flow than having to enter card details
  • High transaction success rate. Bank transfers have higher success rates than other payment methods.
  • Disputes have a clearer, better understood operational model (just contact your bank).
  • Along the line, enjoy actual banking services with incentives like cheap and smooth transfer experience, access to uncollateralized loans, unique and specialized savings and investment plans and discounted airtime purchase.

Some case studies


Obiwezy, in its keen commitment to the changing the face of e-commerce in Nigeria and perhaps in Africa, have established…


Leveraging open banking APIs, Migo customers now enjoy a seamless experience when paying back loans via their Migo embedded accounts

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