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Our Partners

Our partnerships with several banks and fintechs has provided us with the underlying infrastructure. This gives you access to a variety of APIs that enables you to integrate as many financial features as you choose. You can focus on your product improvement and customer acquisition while we help you achieve an ‘all-in-one’ platform.

In living up to its mantra “ Tomorrow’s bank today”, Suntrust partnered early on with OnePipe to publish its APIs on the bank's robust, Open Banking platform - TrustPay. These APIs have since been consumed by different value creators in the fintech space. Suntrust’s digital assets are part of the many resources that power OnePipe’s flagship product - Grassroots Banking

The proactivity of Polaris as an Open Banking advocate finds expression in its Open APIs platform - Suregate. Polaris Bank worked with OnePipe to deliver this one-stop platform for fintech innovators. The objective is to democratize provisioning of financial services via the Banking as a Service API offerings available on Suregate. OnePipe’s Grassroots banking and Simple payments also utilize Polaris’ APIs.

Leveraging proprietary algorithms , MIGO has perfected credit risk assessment and also automated facilitation of different types of loans and credit facilities thereby carving a niche for itself in the ecosystem. MIGO’s solutions power some of OnePipe’s uncollateralized credit line benefits that are unlocked when Grassroot banking enrollees actively use the embedded account. OnePipe is also committed to MIGO's credit-inclusion mission.

The vibrancy of the VBank brand makes it very appealing to digitally savvy clients. The innovative products Vbank offers have also endeared it to its numerous customers. OnePipe and VBank have partnered to co-create value for the fintech innovators who seek to shorten their go-to-market duration. VBank's APIs are currently listed as part of the digital assets that power Grassroots Banking

Payant is a fintech company that has distinguished itself in less than 4 years of operations. It provides a suite of services (Invoicing, checkout, payments, VAS etc) that makes launching easier for fintechs. Numerous value creators in fintech leverage the company's services. OnePipe has partnered with Payant in a bid to incorporate value added services into a number of its products.

Providus Bank has been on the cutting edge and at the forefront of delivering innovative banking solutions since its inception in 2016. The bank is a strong advocate of open banking as evidenced in the public availability of its APIs to fintech value creators. OnePipe partners with Providus along the lines of provisioning designated APIs for consumption by various fintech innovators.

Fidelity launched PayGate - a robust payment gateway, to reinforce its commitment to MSMEs. Paygate provides fintech innovators a seamless way of collecting payments via website or social media. OnePipe works with Fidelity to deliver designated services on this gateway alongside provisioning bespoke payment gateways for other merchants. Fidelity APIs are also being implemented to power some of OnePipe’s other offerings.

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