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Our Products

The use cases you can enable in your business are made possible by 3 core products built on our super flexible infrastructure

Embed payments in multiple ways. Virtual accounts, cards, cash mop ups. Auto-reconcile with every payment. Anything is possible.

Provide various from of credit to your customers. Inventory finance, asset finance, short term cash loans.

Embed deposit holding accounts in a regulatory compliant way. You can integrate via APIs or deploy our pre-bundled app or USSD channels.

Embed full banking services within your value chain

Our end-to-end API integration is the fastest and simplest way for your business to enable financial services for your customers. Our banking-as-a-service offering will help you improve the user experience of your customers, while fostering innovation and profitable collaboration.

You can save time and resources with a simple ‘Plug-and-play’ integration

We shorten the timeline for integration with prebuilt industry solutions, giving you enough time to focus on your product improvement and customer acquisition while we help you achieve an ‘all-in-one’ platform."

Native APIs
Partner banks
Managed accounts
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