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One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Combine your banking infrastructure and expertise with the market access of our partners and our technology to participate in exploding fintech opportunities.

Monetize Your APIs

Unique and differentiated APIs are the lifeblood of fintech ventures and value creators, OnePipe provides an API gateway that is preloaded with several partnerships we have established. We are also able to package your own APIs for monetization. Transfer to Account, Account Statement, BVN Look Up, Direct Debit, Lien on account, and account blacklist are some of your existing services you can generate revenue from

Your Lending Marketplace

You can participate in digital lending without inheriting the associated risks, OnePipe provides a service gateway that lets you provide loans to your customers from willing fintechs while helping you earn crucial revenues as you offer crucial APIs to the fintech lenders. The service is fully managed and also gives you tightly - controlled access administrations and console thereby giving you the liberty to determine who you partner with per time.

Your Modern Payments Gateway

You can improve your relationship with the web merchants who bank with you by providing them with a modern, robust payment gateway. OnePipe’s API gateway can facilitate the aggregation of an array of the foremost payment methods branded for your bank.

Supercharge Your NIP Revenue Growth

NIP has steadily proven to be a preferred mode of payment over ATM and POS by its steady adoption by consumers over the past few years. OnePipe has the resources to help you repackage your NIP as a seamless mode of payment thereby providing your merchants an opportunity to maximize profits

Enjoy maximum returns on existing digital assets by collaborating with our cross-sector value creators

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