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The Plug by Heritage Bank

The Plug by Heritage Bank

The Situation

Recognizing the challenge of banking the unbanked and fostering financial inclusion, the bank sought to develop an online banking platform that would boost operational efficiency, service delivery and customer experience for individuals and businesses

The OnePipe Solution

The OnePipe and Heritage partnership has enabled us to introduce The Plug, an API Gateway that opens up platform flexibility so value-added services can be provided for individuals and business customers. This includes account creation, management and access through mobile apps. This gateway offers businesses an opportunity to create a more contemporary, efficient and in-demand system.

The Outcome

Easy Onboarding for any business: Simple and quick onboarding process for business that which to leverage the financial services of Fidelity via the Paygate plus platform

  • Virtual account creation: Generate virtual accounts on your platform that can be used for collection of funds from your clients
  • Pay collection: Receive payments with unique identifiers from your platform.
  • Settlement and remittance: Funds can be easily swept from the virtual accounts to the preferred bank account of the business

The Plug by Heritage Bank

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