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Take your distribution operations to the next level

Growtrade provides you with tools and services that help you manage your operations better, provides various forms of credit to your buyers and make them come back more frequently. Empower your customers to take and make cashless payments to further build their credit profile

In partnership with WeKurnect

What We Offer

 Inventory finance

Inventory finance

The absence of funds should not hinder the supply of goods. Within the chain of distribution, we empower distributors to offer inventory finance to retailers. We simply pay for the goods and the merchants can refund when they sell.

Cashless payments

Cashless payments

Retailers and merchants can take payments digitally with a unique "pay with transfer" solution as well as sophisticated POS devices at low costs. Their digital payments further helps to build their credit profile

Deep insights

Deep insights

An adoption of this solution comes with a comprehensive reporting system that make it easy for business owners to track sales and purchases. This way, you can accurately evaluate the position of your business in terms of profit making.

Why you should work with us

Easy to use customer channels

Affordable rates on credit transactions

Reliable customer support

Data protection

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