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Industry Solutions

We have pre-bundled several products in the most optimal way to create value within your specific industry. Saving you integration and discovery time.

FMCG and Retail Solutions

We partnered with WeKurnect to create a platform that improves efficiency for manufacturers & distributors. With our inventory finance & payments bundle pre-integrated, you can improve retailer loyalty while growing sales. Customers are also provided with cashless payment options such as a unique flavor of bank transfers and a highly sophisticated POS device

Travel and Mobility Solutions

We partnered with MotorAfrica to create a platform that empowers mobility entrepreneurs within ride-hailing marketplaces and trade communities with frictionless payments & remittances as well as credit facilities like fuel & repair finance to help their hustle.

Banking & Fintech Solutions

We partnered with Support Microfinance Bank and several commercial banks to provide an array of APIs and tools that enable fintech companies to improve operations and get to market faster. From KYC verification, to money movement, to statement APIs and much more.

We've been doing this for a while






API calls per month


Credit Disbursed


Hub generated 2x more online sales in the fourth quarter.

Content-focused grid designs, unique social elements, post-sharing function, author exposure and much more!

Phoebe Nathalia

Netflix Chief Designer

Convert more visitors into customers.

For distributors

Tools and services that help you manage your distribution operations better, provides various forms of credit to your buyers and make them come back more frequently. Empower your customers to take and make cashless payments to further build their credit profile.

For mobility marketplaces

Improve efficiency & loyalty within your community with the power of financial services. While you focus on improved operations and the core of your business, our platform helps with efficient funds movement, automated remittances between drivers & owners as well as various forms of credit to keep customers loyal.

For businesses

Speed up your execution with our easy-to-integrate APIs. We've done the heavy lifting and pre-integrated to all the base infrastructure you need to get your financial service proposition off the ground.
Save yourself some time.

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