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Oluwayemi Olusakin

Product Plumber

Product guy. Builder. Adventurer. Passionate about helping people and creating memories.

Akin Olunloye

Engineering Plumber

Akin Olunloye

Akin Olunloye

Engineering Plumber

Great music lover, Jon Bellion’s biggest fan. Undaunted and confident, enjoys slapping the keyboard.

Azeez Oladejo

Engineering Plumber

Has a mentality of  “make it fast and secure”, aspiring football coach and a very trusting individual.


Customer Support Plumber

Customer Support Pro by day, Art enthusiast by night, spreading good vibes one mail at a time

Emmanuel Oboh

Engineering Plumber

A Tech Artisan who enjoys crafting logic and language like a poet. Values engineering over empty talk. Welcomes challenges and strives for innovative problem-solving.”


Finance Plumber

I am the plumber who is the money madam. If it’s not money, I’m not counting. Aside from accounting and finance, I am actively exploring myself because there’s more to be discovered.


Engineering Plumber

Intrinsically inquisitive and logical, workaholic, interestingly reliable to deliver and a born problem solver.” Any issues? Let’s get it fixed


Credit Plumber

A gallant credit officer who is unapologetically living her truth while committing to excellence in “all I do with a data-driven mindset”.

Ope Adeoye

Chief Plumber

Go-live junkie. Untiring what-if guy. Hopes to invent something great someday.                         

Tobi Akanji

Engineering Plumber

Containerised Zoe running on Logos and apocalyptic data. A super analytic mind that is ever evolving, and never slowing down. 

Tobi Olajide

Engineering Plumber

Specialises in making sure changes don’t break him or his code code. Loves a good Western movie.

Kevwe Onokerhoraye

Products Plumber

Passionate about volunteering, using ICT for development, pro gamer, Arsenal fan, loves everything product and quality!

Kennedy Imoni

Support Plumber


Data Plumber

Your go-to data person; call me if you need to make sense of your data. Creative imagination is my thing.


Customer Support Plumber

Passionate problem solver by day, customer happiness curator by night. Ready to turn your frowns upside down. A plug for all walks of life

Victor Irechukwu

Engineering Plumber

Numerical Junkie.
Engineering Mogul.

Samuel Alapakristi

Engineering Plumber

Hardworking gospel music lover & God-chaser. Believes nothing is impossible.

Yvonne-Faith Elaigwu

Operations Plumber

Believes in Intentional Life Design. Hopeless romantic. Jesus baby. African Child.
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