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Provide a full fledged banking experience for your customers with our deposit holding virtual accounts. Integrate via easy APIs or deploy our pre-packaged USSD products or the Benefits Mobile app.

Full fledged banking service. No coding.

By leveraging our wallet-as-a-service product, you automatically get listed on the Benefits platform alongside other businesses from various industries. So, your customers and prospective customers can access your product via the Benefits platform. Want your own pre-built, custom USSD banking channel instead? Also available.

API integration or prebuilt products? Your choice.

We've turned complex infrastructure into simple APIs and pre-packaged products. If you've got your own platform our APIs are simple to integrate. And if you don't, we've created prebuilt products for specific use cases you can just deploy. Now you can focus on what matters most - customer experience and acquisition.

A Wallet System with Benefits

Through our partnership with financial institutions, we can help your business offer financial services without the hassle of acquiring a banking license.

Gain access to data on customer behavior and create a more robust strategy for your business.

Expand your client base and generate an additional source of revenue generation for your business.

Our partner banks that make this possible

Enable banking services for your customers

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